joi, 10 decembrie 2015

What makes girls weird

I always wondered why girls always act so different, it's nearly like they're aliens or something.
One second they love you, the next one they hate your guts... they're like these selfish cats, always changing, always moody.

I'm still young but I think I got to understand them a bit better than most people do, so I decided writing a this diary on my attempt to get to really know them. Who knows, if I do, I might turn out to be a ladies man when I'm in my 20s. Plus, I get to help out my bro's - you guys. I mean, these days, you can just type anything in Chrome's bar, whether it's horny girls online or Wiki in Swedish and get your quick informational fix, but it's a lot easier to get a detailed insight into something, as a real person is gathering that insight (you know, me, learning all about girls and telling you guys what I found out).

Anyway, I rambled enough. The next time I'll post, I'll have some cold hard facts. Peace!